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Trains Like No Other: Unreleased in Australia on July 20.

Trains Like No Other: Unreleased in Australia on July 20.

Thursday, July 20 at 9pm, a new episode of the excellent documentary series Otherwise Trains: South Australia.

Philippe Gougler begins his journey in this mysterious land of Tasmania, this island at the end of the world… He takes the only train on the island, a small steam train that travels through the unique flora of the world. Then he goes out to sea in a fishing boat in search of giant crabs!

The rest of his journey takes him to Australia, and to Melbourne, where he discovers the world’s largest tram network! In the suburbs of Melbourne, Phillip meets Raymond, a snake hunter like no other.

He continues his journey to Adelaide, where he embarks on the legendary Indian Pacific train that connects Australia from east to west for three days: destination Perth, in the western part of the country. It crosses more than 4,000 km of the Australian outback, with desert landscapes as far as the eye can see. He stopped in the middle of the desert, at Cook, and then at Rawlinna, from where he joined the Australian bush. The traveler reaches the mining town of Kalgoorlie, a gold digger’s paradise, and meets aspiring gold diggers. A chance to enjoy an extraordinary family celebration in their camp.

Finally arriving in Perth, Philip will not soon forget this unique experience through the Australian outback.

Photo credit © Step by Step Products.

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