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Tour de France: Jay Hindley, an “Aussie” risk

Tour de France: Jay Hindley, an “Aussie” risk

“Not here to sort beans,” yellow-clad Australian Jay Hindley said at the end of stage 5 of the Tour de France on Wednesday, not wanting to serve as a foil. The winner of the Giro-2022 has tied the position of the third man in Lawrence.

In the blink of an eye, this fifth day of the Grande Boucle, launched from Francois Beyrou’s town of Pau, brought out the third man in the wake of the Wingegard-Bocacar fight. The manager of the Slovenian team, Mauro Giannetti, did not fail to underline: “Jay Hindley can win the Tour, he has already won the Giro. »

One way the head of the United Arab Emirates-Emirates organization criticized the strategy of his rivals Jumbo was that 36 riders – including the Australian – were able to count four minutes early. “Only we continued to part ways,” he repeated. Now there’s another contender who’s really in the game for the general classification. »

“He’s 47 seconds ahead of (Jonas Wingegaard, editor’s note), he’s the winner of the Tour of Italy, obviously we take him very seriously,” Jumbo-Wisma Merijn Zeeman sporting director assured.

“Paris still has a long way to go,” observed Jay Hindley, a classic element of cycling lingo, when asked about the chances of a spoof between the two arch-favourites. “But I don’t think I’m in too bad of a position,” smiled the mischievous eye, the winner of this fifth stage, decked out in gold. “And I’m not here to line up lenses to use my exposure during the Giro. »

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– Hindi First Name –

Jai, not “J” – you should pronounce the diphthong in the word garlic-, may be Pat, trailing Jonas Wingegaard and Dadaj Bhokkar on this tour. The two have vampirized in the last three editions of this tour.

“What Jay did was remarkable, even spectacular,” gushed his former teammate at DSM Romain Bardet, delighted that a stage contender had the nerve to slip into a large section 116 kilometers from the finish.

“It’s a stroke of genius, so inspiring, I take my hat off to him. This is the kind of behavior we need to push two ogres, and I’m so glad he’s in yellow.”

Goucher, 27, from Perth, Western Australia, has an unusual first name. His father’s idea was inspired by Buddhism: “Jai” means victory in Hindi.

Before winning the Giro-2022, he suffered a bitter setback in the 2020 edition, which was postponed to the fall due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the finish the leader saw Britain’s Tao Geoghegan Hart wrest the pink jersey from him in the final time trial with 39 seconds to go.

The traumatic episode left the 24-year-old with little to no success in the following season.

“It’s quiet strength, describes Romain Bardet. Someone superhuman, not taking the lead, very relaxed. »

The new yellow jersey, in its own way, confirmed at a press conference: “I love biking and running in Europe. I love European culture, and like all Aussies, I enjoy good scrambled eggs with toast. »