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Alstom won a mega deal in the UK for the LVG HS2

Alstom won a mega deal in the UK for the LVG HS2

Alstom marks another big business success! A consortium of Franco-Canadian railway manufacturers and Hitachi Rail has been selected to provide 54 trains running on the new expressway (LGV). HS2 In the UK, the deal is worth 1. 1.97 billion (3 2.3 billion)! First copy Train “The fastest in Europe”, capable of driving at speeds of up to 360km / h at commercial speeds, is expected to exit the chain by 2027, with business entry expected on the “between 2029 and 2033” service between London and Birmingham.

The trains will have eight cars and can carry up to 500 people and 1,000 people in dual units, Alstom said. These trains are “the most advanced in Europe, thanks to decades of experience on high-speed trains concentrated around the world.” In January by Alstom -, the French team said. This new electric train will be set up UK, Especially at the Hitachi railway factories of the Nexton Eycliffe and Alstom (formerly Bombardier) in Derby, respectively, in the north and center of the UK.

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The contract for the HS2 rolling stock, which includes twelve years of maintenance, is expected to create and retain more than 2,500 jobs, the statement said. “Today’s announcement puts Britain at the forefront of the high-speed rail revolution. HS2 Press Release.

It comes just days after the British government announced it would abandon the latter part of the expressway connecting Birmingham to Leeds in the north of England.

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