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Toulouse: A call to mobilize retired doctors to ensure summer alternatives

Toulouse: A call to mobilize retired doctors to ensure summer alternatives

While many surgeries are being emptied and general practitioners are going on vacation, ARS is looking for alternatives. Can the solution come from retirees? The regional health agency is calling for mobilization.

I am looking for doctors. Summer is coming and so are the holidays. Like all professions, doctors will take their leave. The problem remains that many companies have not yet found alternatives for the summer season. We have more than 6000 doctors in Occitanie. Upon investigation, some admitted that they had difficulty finding alternatives. Then a call is made to mobilize retired doctors. We want to continue our solidarity commitment that has worked during the Covid-19 crisis,” admits Celine Santan, Head of the Primary Health Center at the regional health agency.

A call for solidarity

ARS Occitanie, in partnership with URPS physicians, is creating the Physicians’ Union and Federation of Support Systems (FACS Occitanie), a new designation for voluntary retired physicians. Maintaining the provision and quality of care is essential. The attending physicians are a real alternative and let out the emergency rooms, which are also saturated during the summer period.

“We have medical demographic issues. We are not in a desert, but the summer period is very tense. Especially in August. Doctors also need to take vacations,” continues Celine Santan. The ARS then calls for the solidarity of retired doctors. To be able to exercise, alternate retirees will benefit from a salaried contract in a work-cumulative retirement pension.

Retired doctors who are volunteering to offer replacements this summer in Occitanie can introduce themselves by e-mail, by writing to the following address: [email protected]
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