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“Totally Unacceptable”: A frail elderly woman is stuck in a house covered in mold

“Totally Unacceptable”: A frail elderly woman is stuck in a house covered in mold

An elderly woman from Swindon in the UK who lived in a house covered in mold and infested with rats has been “overwhelmed with support” from her community, after a friend raised the alarm.

“This is absolutely unacceptable. We will not allow an animal to live like this, let alone a vulnerable human. We are doing what we can to make things right, but it is worse than we first thought.”

In a crowdfunding campaign shared by the BBC last Wednesday, horrific images show the extent of the damage to the house inhabited by the elderly woman, who requested that her identity not be revealed, but who was living on a government pension and struggling to make ends meet. His friends said he called for help after several leaks occurred in his attic.

After she was sent to the hospital due to pneumonia, relatives realized the condition the woman was in, as she was blind in one eye.

In addition to the layer of black mold that covered every surface, the elder was living with a rat infestation and a broken heating system. Her friend Janet Reynolds said she used a kettle for her hot drinks and a microwave for her meals.

Screenshot of GoFundMe

“There was about two inches of water under the floor. There is water all over the building. The ground has collapsed in places. It’s terrible, the whole property has been destroyed. The ground is very dangerous,” Brendan O’Neill, a damp specialist, told British media. “.

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He added to the BBC that the latter recommended that the woman be removed “immediately”, after noticing the condition – and the “horrible” smell – of the property.

Screenshot of GoFundMe

Almost none of the items owned by the resident could be salvaged, while the house had to be completely renovated.

“There is nothing left. We had to condemn everything, so we start from scratch. From the bottom to the top, we need everything,” said her friend who welcomed the elderly lady, grateful for the “extraordinary generosity of the public.”

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