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‘Too afraid to go to the doctor’: Only a few weeks to live for the mother

‘Too afraid to go to the doctor’: Only a few weeks to live for the mother

A 34-year-old mother who has long hesitated to see a doctor because of a lump in her breast, hopes her story will help others overcome their fear, even though she now only has a few weeks to go.

“I now feel like I can save someone’s life. Here I am, 34 years old, dying because I was afraid to go to the doctor,” mother Courtney Smith told US media WUSA9, according to what was reported by The Mirror, on Monday.

Because all the previous years, the children of Maryland and the United States regretted not having consulted anyone else for a boss in their son’s house, they said that the temps of the diagnosis had been given to them for the day. doctor.

And just in 2021, a mother decided to have an abdominal scan while struggling to feed her 7-month-old newborn. She was then diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

But after just three rounds of chemotherapy out of an eight-session programme, combined with 15 radiotherapy sessions, she would have to stop treatment because her body couldn’t handle it, she told a crowdfunding campaign. Helping his family overcome this ordeal.

Last April, her cancer progressed to the point that this time she was diagnosed with stage 4 invasive lobular carcinoma.

“I’m writing this from the palliative care room. With the unfortunate fact that I don’t have long left on this earth,” she continued writing two weeks ago, when she only had a few weeks left.

The 30 year old girl who was hoping she could “hold her hands.” [de ses enfants] “And guide them to adulthood,” denouncing that “this dream is fading,” urging those who discover a stumbling block to seek a diagnosis as soon as possible, she pointed out to the American channel WUSA9.

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