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Real Estate Fraud: A couple is forced to return to their parents with their five children

Real Estate Fraud: A couple is forced to return to their parents with their five children

Two parents who were hoping to move into their new home with their five children have been forced to pack up and move back in with their parents after falling for a fraudulent estate agent who allegedly stripped them of $48,000.

“It’s crazy how you can’t feel remorse… He wasn’t a bad boy. But he clearly stole from us, and not just from us,” lamented the family’s father, Damien, as part of a class-action filing involving 36 of the real estate agent’s alleged victims, according to the newspaper. “Le Parisien.” “France Live” on Tuesday.

The father of five will have to wait more than a year to hope to see the color of the €32,000 – more than $48,000 Canadian dollars – he has deposited into the hands of his friend and real estate agent. In February, as a deposit for a new house in Val d’Oise, he expressed his regret to the French media.

However, the latter would run away with the money, leaving the parents and their five children without housing, as they had already signed the sale of their house thinking they were in line to move to the other house.

The father said, according to French media: “We still live with my father.”

Realizing that they were at the heart of a fraud, the family took legal action, before realizing that they were not the only ones who suffered huge financial losses after crossing paths with the agent, according to the “France Live” website.

In fact, at least 36 victims could have been added to the group, claiming a total of 700,000 euros – more than 1,500,000 dollars – through civil legal proceedings.

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Except that last October, the judge was going to postpone the proceedings until December 2024, causing great dissatisfaction with the plaintiffs who, for many, would have lost all their savings, La Gazette Val d’Oise reported on November 10. the second.

Meanwhile, the head of the family works hard, days “angry, from 8am to 2am”, trying to renovate an old house in Val d’Oise himself, so that he can leave his parents’ house. The house, according to France Live.

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