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Tomorrow's health that comes from space

Tomorrow's health that comes from space

Health from space: Health that comes from space

Hosted in Cannes on March 4-5 Health from Space II Conference It evaluates the contribution of space to medicine by bringing together space sector actors and health professionals, including pharmaceutical laboratories. Partners of the event included the European Space Agency (ESA), France (CNES) and industrial company Thales Alenia Space.
We identify three key areas that link space and health.
1- Monitoring the health of astronauts, guinea pigs for experiments aimed at understanding the effect of flights on the human body in order to prepare for exploration of the Moon and then Mars. This space-oriented research is also rich with lessons for medicine on Earth.
2- Weightlessness allows experiments that are impossible to be carried out on Earth (More efficient cultivation of certain cells, crystallization of purified proteins, acceleration of aging by a factor of 10, etc.).
3- Weightlessness opens the way to bioprinting tissues or manufacturing new medicines whose potential looks very promising.

This third part covered most of the presentations at the Health from Space conference. An ingredient that requires coordinated action between the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries and also a lot of investment!

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