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to see |  Robot photographing waves from inside a hurricane

to see | Robot photographing waves from inside a hurricane

Washington | Scientists have been able to record video of waves breaking inside a Category 4 hurricane thanks to a floating robot, for the first time.

The boat faced the forces of a toxic hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean with waves 15 meters high and winds of more than 190 km / h.

The images show a darkened sky and waves violently swaying the object – a type of orange surfboard developed by Saildrone.

This “drone” transmits its data directly to the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Monitoring Agency (NOAA).

Target? They help to understand the physical processes at work, in order to better predict these extreme weather events, and thus better prepare for them.

Richard Jenkins, founder and CEO of Saildrone, said in an article in a statement.

Hurricanes have been photographed from the inside in the past, but from the air, for example from aircraft.

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