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The top 10 trends for 2024 for designing your outdoor space

The top 10 trends for 2024 for designing your outdoor space

It's the time of year when good weather allows us to tidy up our outdoor spaces!

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We all need a place to enjoy a Sunday morning coffee in the sunshine and share a well-deserved glass of wine after a long day.

Whether it's a balcony in the city or a large courtyard in the countryside, we've been inspired by 2024 trends to create an outdoor look that suits us!

Here are the main 2024 trends in outdoor decoration:

1. Curves

Curves were very present in indoor furniture this past winter, and they continue their seductive work in the yard. We really love furniture with rounded corners for the softness it gives to the entire design. As a bonus, there will be less risk of bumping a freshly painted little toe on the edge of the armchair!

Outdoor model sofa from Palan at Urban Barn – Buy here

Courtesy Urban Barn

Rattan chair with cushion at Crate & Barrel – Buy here

Courtesy Crate & Barrel

2. Seaside resort theme

This summer, the holidays are coming to your backyard. Destination: seaside! We adopt this trend with accessories in shades of blue reminiscent of the color of water. The furniture features modern lines softened by touches of wicker, rattan or wicker. Pale (or white) wood is also suitable. We have a weakness for mosaic patterns reminiscent of Portugal. We adopt them in miniature form on pillows, tableware or flower pots.

Decorative Pillows and Ceramic Jug at Buckner – Buy here And here

Courtesy Beauclair

BasilBangs Solid Wood Outdoor Lounge Chair on – Buy here

3. Garden table with integrated cooler

Cold drinks will always be at hand if you equip yourself with a garden table with an integrated cooler. This dual-function furniture is very useful especially for those whose outdoor space is not connected to the house. We fill the cooler with ice and put the drinks of our choice in it. If we prefer to stay hydrated, we can put a bottle of white wine in the fridge for the evening, if we want!

Veradek Fluted Cooling Side Table on – Buy here

Courtesy Simmons

4. Modular sofa

Among the furniture that can live both indoors and outdoors, we find the popular modular sofa. In practice, its composition adapts to the desired atmosphere. We put all the pieces together for an evening with the kids, or we distribute the units when the family gets together. Another strength: they can be easily stored once the summer season is over. Simply stack the sofa sections in your shed or garage…and that's it!

Indoor-outdoor corner armchair from Norka Living on – Buy here

Courtesy Simmons

5. Cottagecore

We're basking in our memories thanks to a lovely lullaby that wouldn't have displeased our grandmother, even though it's light years away from yesterday's version. In 2024, this piece of furniture, which has become fashionable again, is spacious enough to allow you to sit cross-legged and comfortable enough to spend an afternoon with a good novel. You can decorate it with cushions in shades of coral and beige as well as a rug with a very classic pattern, such as gingham.

A collection of wicker and layered lullabies featured in Runa – Buy here

Birdhouse in the Garden Cottage at Simons – Buy here

Courtesy Simmons

6. The cozy corner

We all need a little place to relax and forget the daily chaos. A place where comfort is the priority and where it feels good to drink your coffee. We put it on the balcony, next to the pool, near the forest behind the house, near the outdoor fireplace: the main thing is that it feels good there. Main ingredient? the chair. We especially like the egg-shaped shape, as it creates a real “cocoon” effect. We add pretty cushions, surround it with small ambient lights, a pretty garden table to place your mug (or wine glass) and an umbrella to provide shade, if needed. The accessory should not be forgotten: the throw that will keep us warm if a light breeze blows in the evening.

Egg chair in Beauclair – Buy here

Courtesy Beauclair

7. Mushroom lamp

They lit up our interiors last winter, and they'll shine outside this summer too, once the sun goes down! The mushroom lamp is an essential accessory for your patio or porch. We choose a battery-powered version which allows us to move it wherever we want. It nicely decorates a dining room table or can be used as an additional light source in an outdoor living room.

Newgarden Shitake Portable Table Lamp on – Buy here

Courtesy Simmons

Onewish Portable Table Lamp on – Buy here

Amazon screenshot

8. Minimalism

Simple furniture is in vogue this year. If you prefer a design that doesn't have a lot of features, there's no shortage of choice. Are you looking for garden furniture? The model with straight lines and neutral color is a purchase that will stand the test of time. In addition, it will serve as a base for adding accessories according to current trends.

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Rectangular Coffee Table (Poured Concrete Tile) at Crate & Barrel – Buy here

Courtesy Crate & Barrel

5-Piece Conversation Set with Table/Fireplace in RONA – Buy here

Courtesy Rona

9. A touch of sunshine

Although blue is the big star this summer, yellow has not been left out. Moreover, it is on this most vibrant color that the Swedish giant IKEA based its summer collection. Decorate your balcony or terrace with some items that will add sunlight to your decor, rain or shine!

BRÖGGAN tablecloth in polyester and polyacrylic at IKEA – Buy here

Courtesy IKEA

3 Piece Steel Bistro Set at Walmart – Buy here

Courtesy Walmart

10. Solar shower

No swimming pool? No problem ! There are other ways to cool off with water, such as a solar shower. We are seeing more and more solar pools in landscapes, especially in urban areas. It's an option that meets the needs of those with limited space, while being very aesthetic. Its operation is very simple: you fill the tank with a garden hose and let it heat up thanks to the sunlight. This type of outdoor shower can be found in large-scale hardware stores.

Hot solar shower from Outsunny at Rona – Buy here

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