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To protect yourself from 5G waves, a radioactive collar?

To protect yourself from 5G waves, a radioactive collar?

Sold in the Netherlands and elsewhere with a qualified “energy shield”, 10 items ranging from children’s wristbands and sleep masks to a “quantum necklace” have recently been shown in warning Netherlands Agency for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS).

The radiation in question is not on the threshold of danger, warning states and “risk to health are low”. But the fact that these items are meant to be worn 24 hours a day, and in direct contact with the skin, can result in a build-up that exceeds the limit recommended by health authorities in the Netherlands.

The company behind these products, based in the US, is proud to “distribute and sell” “negative ion energy bracelets,” a phrase that, in this context, means nothing specific to health.

The difference between ionizing and non-ionizing waves

When we talk about “radiation” or “electromagnetic waves”, physics distinguishes “ionizing” from “non-ionizing”. “Non-ionizing” is not dangerous to humans: what is emitted (one speaks here of “wavelength”) cannot cause harm to the organism. This category includes electronic devices, including cell phones, appliances, microwave ovens, hair dryers, anti-theft devices, and even speed cameras. There is no real difference between 4G or 5G.

The “non-ionizer” is capable, at high frequency, of heating, but not of cracking particles. decades of research Existing in this subject, for example among electricians exposed to higher doses than the vast majority of the population.

As for the so-called “ionizing” waves, they reach a threshold where they can – most likely, at certain doses or depending on proximity – damage the bonds between the molecules that make up our DNA (and these effects well documented). This category includes X-rays and Certain types of images It is used in medicine as well as natural phenomena such as cosmic rays and gamma rays emitted by some radioactive materials. The 10 organisms that are the subject of this warning “contain radioactive material,” the AVNS press release describes which is why they “continually emit ionizing radiation that can cause health problems.”

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Image: A “quantum necklace” that is supposed to protect against 5G waves.