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To make the metaverse profitable, Facebook can monetize your personal data

To make the metaverse profitable, Facebook can monetize your personal data

Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Metaverse last year. Meta is now interested in different ways of generating income out there. Most of this can be done through ads, thanks to the user’s personal and biometric data.


Facebook (Meta) // Source: Unsplash Dima Solomin

Facebook is the future metaverse, but also how to make it profitable. the financial times Delve into recent patents filed by dead, the parent company of Facebook, about it. The British newspaper reviewed hundreds of patent applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, many of which were granted this month.

Most of it relates to technologies that use a user’s biometric data to feed what they see in their country Quest Oculus And to make sure that the avatar is realistic. But other patents are about something completely different, the profitability of the metaverse. We don’t change a formula that works: Meta relies on targeted ads and sponsored content. The ad represents 98% of the Meta empire’s revenue, which is estimated to be worth over $100 billion for 2021.

future question business model from metavars

This advertising model in the metaverse will include a virtual store, where users can buy digital services or items corresponding to very real things, sponsored by brands.

Nick Clegg, Head of Global Affairs at Meta, confirmed this hub in financial times, Stating that ” The business model in the metaverse is commerce drivenAnd that ads She plays an obvious role in this. »

In addition to patents related to monitoring a user’s facial expressions or creating highly realistic avatars from images, others are interested in collecting biometric data for advertising purposes.

On the left, Mark Zuckerberg with the Oculus mission.  Right, Mark Zuckerberg in pixels

On the left, Mark Zuckerberg with the Oculus mission. Right, Mark Zuckerberg in pixels // Source: CBS

One patent explores, for example, how to deliver personalized ads to users in augmented reality, based on age, gender, interests, or even the way people interact on social networks, which includes Likes and their comments. The other is intended to allow third parties (companies) to take care of the appearance of an object in a virtual store. The patents show how Meta can offer more personalized virtual ads than has already been done on the Internet.

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Use biometric data to achieve a better goal

Scientific research has shown that directing gaze as well as pupil activity can implicitly contain information about a person’s interests and emotional state. For example, if your gaze stays on a certain place in an image, it may mean that you are interested in a particular object. Data that we imagine is of great value to elicit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Nick Clegg explained that the principle of eye-tracking could be used in the metaverse, arguing that ” To understand whether or not people interact with an ad, you need to be able to rely on the data. By extrapolation, some fear highly targeted advertisements, particularly based on our involuntary biological reactions to stimuli.

For its part, Meta Group indicated that the patents filed do not necessarily reflect the technologies used in its products and services.

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