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Tire Change: Don’t delay in making your appointment

Tire Change: Don’t delay in making your appointment

If Quebecers still think it’s summer with the temperatures of the past few days, winter is still here and you shouldn’t delay in scheduling your tire replacement.

Winter tires are mandatory from 1 December, but it is often recommended not to wait until the last minute to fit them, especially in the garage.

This is especially true for drivers of new cars who need to change tire sizes and may have difficulty finding the right model, CAA-Quebec said.

“Better choice of lead time, access to more tire models and, above all, preparation for the first snowfall, no matter how early: there are only good reasons to schedule your appointment now,” recalls automotive and road expert Jesse Caron. Test coordinator on Wednesday.

CAA-Quebec also reminded that there is no risk to its tires if they are changed earlier in the season.

“It is a mistake to think that driving with winter tires too early in the fall will damage them, even if the temperature is still 15 or 20 degrees Celsius from time to time,” he explained.

In general, it is recommended to do this after several consecutive days at a temperature of around 7°C.

Don’t forget to also test your car’s battery and prepare a winter kit consisting of a snow brush, blanket, shovel, flashlight and grip boards to handle all unexpected winter events.

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