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Balance of Life: Levi's sits at the top in Canada

Balance of Life: Levi's sits at the top in Canada

A study showed that Lévis and Quebec are respectively the top two cities in Canada where it will be easier to find a life balance between work and personal life.

A study published by the specialized company Point2 on May 15 placed Levis at the top, after comparing the 100 largest cities in the country. The analysts looked at 30 indicators that included citizens' health and well-being, livability, working hours, transportation, access to public services, and income after taxes and rent.

Lévis and Quebec received results of 69% and 67%, respectively. North Vancouver ranks third. It is followed by the city of Burlington in Ontario.

Quebec is well represented, with Blainville (5th), Trois-Rivières (7th), Laval (8th), and Granby (9th) rounding out the top 10 in the company rankings

“The big cities in La Belle County know how to find balance,” Point2 said. Thus, more than half of the top ten places to combine work and personal life are located in Quebec, with Levis coming out on top.

“The good news is that nearly 95% of residents of all Quebec cities analyzed say they are generally satisfied with their lives,” the company added.

Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie and Sarnia are the worst in Canada for having a good life balance of the 100 largest cities studied by the company.

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