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This tool allows measuring infection risk in an enclosed space

This tool allows measuring infection risk in an enclosed space

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A prestigious American university has developed an instrument capable of measuring, in theory, the risk of contamination according to certain conditions, in an enclosed space. If this makes it possible to explain a certain fact, then, strictly speaking, it has no scientific value.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a prestigious American university and world-famous research center specializing in science and technology, has recently developedn A Tool That Could Help Us All Fight Covid-19. This allows us to better understand the mechanisms of Covid-19 transmission.

In fact, it is assessing the risks of virus contamination inside an enclosed space. Thus, the user can define a certain number of customizable criteria that refer to him, without real scientific value, but as an indicator of the risk he is exposed to. So several parameters can be taken into account:

Type of space: is it a home, office, restaurant, cabin, etc.

– Surface area: floor area, ceiling height, etc.

Ventilation: Air filtration system, room ventilation, humidity level, etc.

– Approved behavior: Do attendees wear a mask, talk / sing, do sports, etc.

Age Group: Children, Seniors, Seniors, etc.

Percentage of people who have been vaccinated, etc.

This tool is fun, but it is not sufficient for making decisions and has no scientific value. While it provides a better understanding of disease transmission mechanisms, it is far from a standard. Take the test yourself!

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