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This science star destroys sandworms

This science star destroys sandworms

The sand worms were displayed in a most amazing way Sand dunes 2 Adding this critically acclaimed epic dimension to Denis Villeneuve's film. But their acting did not satisfy the popular scientist in the United States, who was quick to criticize them.

Warning, the following article contains plot spoilers Sand dunes 2. If you haven't watched it yet, we strongly advise you to stop reading now.

Dune 2: A great start

With 1,383,999 entries during its first week of operation, Sand dunes 2 It makes the best start to a movie this year. The spectators were eager to see what fate Paul Atreides would marry and how he planned to take revenge on the Emperor and the Harkonnen.

This sequel to the impossible adaptation was well received Great reviews from the specialized presspraising the film whose political, religious or even military issues are fully deployed, in addition to being a very successful epic from a visual standpoint.

Since its release, the film has received impressive media coverage. Box office, explanations, behind the scenes (This sequence is in black and white)Its relationship to its source – Frank Herbert's novel – Sand Dunes Part Two It is dissected to reveal its secrets.

Dune 2 paul atreides vid rotha

He criticized the representation of the verses

Invited to Late night show Written by Stephen Colbert, Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Talk about representing majestic sandworms. When asked to give his opinion on the film, the American astrophysicist spoke up Some criticism of Shai Kholoud highlights a gap between her representation and the laws of nature.

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“The Fremen, the indigenous people of the sands, must undergo a rite of passage that involves riding on the back of a worm. All right. But it's a worm that goes straight and fast. […] Have you ever seen a snake running straight ahead? no ! They must bend and loop. Curling movement.

Towards Sand Bull Dunes 2

However, these criticisms should be taken seriously. We are dealing here with a purely imaginary world, whose creatures inhabit it defy all the laws of nature. On several occasions, Denis Villeneuve has expressed his desire to adapt Frank Herbert's literary work as faithfully as possible, and the difficulty of transcribing it into a cinematic format. “It is a true adaptation, in the sense that I am copying my vision for the book, and I had to make strong decisions to bring this adaptation to the screen – these decisions were made in order to be faithful to Frank Herbert.”

The end of the film begins with a new interesting incident. Which is already making fans salivate for a third adaptationWhich will be verified or not depending on the film's results at the global and local box office.

Written by Alex Odorico

A '90s kid who grew up with DBZ, Ocarina of Time, and Malcolm, and has since become a Resident Evil firearms expert. He worships James Bond and his tuxedos.

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