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This is a Doordash delivery worker’s salary during busy periods

This is a Doordash delivery worker’s salary during busy periods

A delivery girl from DoorDash, that app that lets you take restaurant orders at home, has revealed hers, in a video that has become very popular on TikTok.

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People who choose to earn a little money by freelancing at these companies generally enjoy freedom of schedules, without a supervisor watching over them.

DoorDash is a multinational company headquartered in San Francisco with operations in Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan.

Delivery drivers’ income consists of three components: base salary, bonuses (rush hour salary), and tips.

At DoorDash, delivery workers leave with 100% of their tips.

The basic salary is a basic contribution from the company for each order, and the peak hour salary, which is higher, UNILAD media reported.

Tiana, a TikToker and content creator, took the test in front of her 100,000 subscribers. The young woman started work at 6:30 p.m., for an hour, in Los Angeles, California.

“It’s 6:30 p.m. right now, and I’m going to DoorDash right now and see how much money I make,” she says in her TikTok video.

After the first delivery, she says she received a $7 tip from “the rich people.”

Then she goes to deliver a second order, but has to put gas in her car. His hour was up, but he finished his delivery.

In total, she claims she earned $21, during rush hour, for delivering two orders.

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***Watch his full video above.***