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This bad habit puts spouses at risk – and yet almost all of us do it

This bad habit puts spouses at risk – and yet almost all of us do it

Communication is important between couples, so pay attention to this very bad habit that many have and which can cause a “real separation,” according to a communication specialist.

You are talking to your partner. You explain something important to him and he interrupts you. you all annoyed(e). normal. is being interrupted”It can seem insulting and condescending Defends Maria Venitis, associate professor of communications conducted by the magazine The New York Times. “It’s infuriating. This indicates that my ideas or contribution are invalid“The professor specifies. In two pairs,”Constant interruptions can cause Real breakdowns in understanding, communication and trust“Please note,” warns Dr. Alexandra Solomon, an American psychologist, in columns for The New York Times Women are boycotted more than men This is according to many studies, including those conducted by researchers from the university George Washington. However, whether you are a man or a woman, Cutting off your partner frequently can hurt communication with you And putting your relationship at risk.

How do you stop (being) cut off?

Dr. Solomon shares some keys to combating interruptions, whether you’re the cause or the victim.

Start by telling the other He tends to cut you off until he realizes this. But not just any time. Start a conversation with your partner When you’re not in the thick of the action“The psychiatrist advises.

“Ask yourself if you are both talking at the same time.”

Determine the cause This tendency to isolate people can help remedy this. Ask him, for example: “How did people in your family talk when they were growing up?”

► Your interlocutor looks at you Impatient or uninterested During your conversation? Be careful, you may be switching. “Ask yourself if you both talk about the same amount of time“The psychiatrist advises.”This is what you should aim for“Adds Dr. Suleiman.

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► At the time of interruption, Calmly point to your partnerFor example, by raising your hand, you indicate that you would like to finish your idea. You can Anticipate by indicating in advance That you have something to share and would like to follow up on your idea, letting him know he will have time to respond when you’re done.