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Thierry Bacot, Public Space

Thierry Bacot, Public Space

In the singular, public space defines the field of political debate and the dissemination of private opinions. In the plural, public spaces correspond to the network of roads, streets, boulevards, squares, squares, parks and gardens, in short all traffic routes open to the public, in large cities as well as in urban villages. Both are about communication.
Globalization, the communications revolution, video surveillance, and the proliferation of real and virtual walls are all factors that are “erasing” public spaces. Global urbanization (shopping malls, mass tourism, street furniture, safe zones, etc.) is transforming and standardizing their uses. This is also the case for the large-scale digitalization of all human activities. However, resistance appears ( Street art(street performances, street codes, e-streets, feminist activities, children's streets, nature in the city, etc.) that combine free and accessible public spaces with the three qualities of cities: urbanity, diversity and difference.


Box: Ishaq Yusuf
Box: Public places outside the city
i. Public space or expressing an opinion
Jurgen Habermas demonstration
Box: Jurgen Habermas
Criticisms and responses
Public opinion and civil society
Public space “exhibitions”.

Box: Hannah Arendt
Habermas vs. Sennett?
Sixty years later

Box: Richard Sennett
secondly. Newspapers, lounges and cafes
News Papers
Political journalism, critical journalism and public space
Journalism and civilizing ethics
Box: Robert E. Park, sociologist and journalist
Box: French daily press in 2022-2023
Box: Dialogue
A place of sociability?
Third. “Private”, “general”: words with variable relationships
Meaning of the “private/public” couple in Greece and Rome
Box: Hermes/Hestia
Private Life/Public Life from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment
Elias was read by Doerr
Box: Good manners according to Erasmus
Modernity: blurring of the private/public
Private/public in the Arab world
Private/public in Japan
Box: Public space is a prominent place for political expression
Box: Edward Hall, the approximation thinker
Fourthly. From roads to public places
Street in Greek and Roman cities
The street in Western cities from the Middle Ages to the industrial age
Box: to treat
Street for contemporary urban planning
Box: Sidewalk
Box: Naming and naming streets
Three “urban planner poets”
Public spaces and urban planning

Box: Urban toll
Box: Accessibility for all
V. Uses and practices of public spaces
Invisible women
Rights and Duties
Box: The guerrilla gardener
Planned and unplanned uses
Box: Art and in the street
Protecting urban spaces
Box: Jane Jacobs (1916-2006)
Box: Improve the streets!
Box: How to organize urban space?
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