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UM6P: “Transformations” at the heart of Science Week (video)

UM6P: “Transformations” at the heart of Science Week (video)

As part of 4H In the “Science Week” edition, the issue of “transfers” is at the forefront during this annual scientific meeting, which began today, Monday, at the Ben Jarir University Conference Center.

Following the topic “Complexity”, 4H The edition of the Scientific Week of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) was placed under the slogan “Transfers”. This is the question that currently lies at the heart of the threats and challenges facing the world, and hence the scientific community united within the framework of this annual scientific meeting, which began today, Monday, at the Conference Center on the Ben Jarir University campus. Hisham Al Habti, President of Mohammed VI University, explained that “the world is going through several crises today, including climate change, food security, digital transformation, and the impact of this transformation on the future of employment, health, and education.” He added: “Our goal today is to bring back the researchers and thinkers who dealt with this transformation so that the university can give its students the opportunity to discuss this topic in order to find solutions related to these changes and transformations.”

Mobilizing the scientific community

During this 4H This scientific meeting was attended by a number of world-famous scientists, thinkers and philosophers, most notably Fouad Al-Aroui, professor of the theory of knowledge, who explained the essence of the scientific week during the opening ceremony of this event. For their part, the issue of “transitions” affecting all fields and disciplines has been explained in depth, on the one hand, by Raphael Lioger, professor, scientist and scientific director of the Institute for Advanced Study as well as Daniel Dennett, philosopher of perception and cognition. Professor at the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

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