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They don’t want McDonald’s in their village

They don’t want McDonald’s in their village

Residents of a French village in Vaucluse protested against the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant, while the municipal mayor says he is powerless to prevent the project from being implemented on private land.

A sign erected at the site announces the establishment of an American fast food company instead of a traditional restaurant whose building will soon be demolished, according to what the Ouest-France newspaper reported on Wednesday.

A community association has launched a petition signed by more than a third of the residents of the village of Sérignan-du-Comtat to demand an end to the project that threatens to destabilize the social and economic harmony of the village, according to opponents of the American brand. .

“This fragile economic balance will be in danger with the arrival of the American juggernaut,” declared Remy Julien, a young retiree who heads the Fifre Association in Serignan-de-Comtat, expressing his regret that no one in the village had been consulted about this controversial matter. project.

After being criticized by all sides, right-wing mayor Julien Merle defended himself and explained that the project did not need to be discussed in the municipal council, as it was a private matter, admitting that the majority of elected officials were against it.

“Moreover, if this were my land, we would have made something other than a McDonald’s, but it is private land, so we cannot object to handing over the permit,” Mr. Merle told the French newspaper.

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