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In prison after putting eye drops in his nephew’s sandwich

In prison after putting eye drops in his nephew’s sandwich

A Florida man ended up in prison after throwing a container of eye drops in his nephew’s sandwich.

Last Wednesday, James Paul Leach, a 45-year-old man who lives with his nephew, went to a store to buy eye drops. However, he did not intend to use it to treat dry eyes.

During a verbal exchange with one of the employees, the man admitted that he hated his nephew. He then opened a bottle of eye drops and happily poured the contents into a sandwich, the website reported. Law and crime.

Clearly concerned by what he had just observed, the employee warned Leach that eye drops could harm a person if ingested. The man then allegedly replied that it was simply because his nephew was “defecating on himself.”

He left work and the employee quickly called the police.

Once there, they examined surveillance images, which “clearly” showed the 40-year-old pouring eye drops into the sandwich.

They were able to identify James Paul Leach and obtain his address from a history of purchases and deliveries made for the company.

Once at the man’s home, officers warned his nephew that his food had been poisoned. The latter announced that he had eaten only a small portion, thus refusing any medical treatment.

For his part, Leach refused to answer police questions and requested a lawyer.

He is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail facing an intoxication charge.

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