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Extending the A-30 service road to avoid traffic congestion

Extending the A-30 service road to avoid traffic congestion

If the battery sector drives the economy in the Bécancour region, it slows down traffic on Highway 30. And this is just the beginning according to a study commissioned by the Ministry of Transport. Traffic is expected to increase from summer 2024, eventually reaching 10 kilometers per rush hour.

These forecasts therefore force the Ministry, the city of Bécancour and the industrial zone to find very short-term solutions. The first is to extend the service road south of the highway.

“[Pour la] The first stage and [la] The second stage is to create a road from east to west. The third phase is that, as soon as possible, we come in and pave the asphalt and install the street lights and traffic signals and all that. This will begin in the coming weeks, explained President and CEO of Bécancour Industrial and Port Park Company, Donald Olivier.

In addition, a new eastbound ramp should be added, which will connect the highway to the new service road. The idea is to provide better access to workers on construction sites today and in factories tomorrow.

“These are interventions to meet the needs during the construction phase and commissioning of these plants. The opportunity study will analyze different scenarios to meet future needs. It is clear that we are talking about doubling Highway 30,” said Director General of the Ministry of Transport and Mobility Marie-Eve Turner.

An information session was held on Tuesday evening, mainly to inform Domaine Bergeron area residents who may be affected by the work.

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Many citizens were met with fear of noise and traffic above all else.

“We want to make sure we extend the service road as close to 30 as possible so we can reduce noise while really maintaining good tree and plant cover. However, the possibility of doing this work in the winter, during the period when people are less outdoors “I think these are more suitable conditions,” stressed the Mayor of Becancour, Lucie Allard.

Heavy vehicle traffic will be allowed on Désilet Street during the first two phases of construction of the service road.

The peace of the neighborhood will be disturbed at least until spring. Later, heavy goods vehicles will have to use the new road.