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These malicious Android apps record our conversations!

These malicious Android apps record our conversations!

Posted on February 5, 2024

Vincent Paquette

Antivirus company ESET warns users of Android phones and tablets about spyware called: VajraSpy. The latter is being spread as a Trojan across 12 Android messaging apps.

This is what we learn from it Report published by ESET.

The latter explains that hackers will target single people and will use several techniques associated with love fraud.

Once they make contact with potential prey, they invite them to download a messaging app to continue their discussions.

We will have understood that these have been found to be infected with VajraSpy spyware.

What can VajraSpy spyware do?

VajraSpy spyware hides in these messaging apps through a Trojan.

Once awakened, the latter applies these numerous harmful functions. First he can fly:

  • Our files
  • Our Location
  • Our contact list
  • Our call log
  • Our SMS messages
  • List of installed applications

Some applications may also intercept our communications via services such as WhatsApp and Signal.

But worst of all (Wave Chat) is that it can:

  • Record keystrokes on the keyboard
  • Take pictures with our camera
  • Record our phone conversations
  • Start recordings at any time
  • Record our conversations on WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram

Here's a cocktail you definitely don't want to have on your phone!

The worst feature is definitely the keystroke logging, as we can hack all our passwords!

The 12 apps infected by VajraSpy

Here is a list of 12 apps infected with VajraSpy spyware on Android:

  1. Shitkat
  2. GlowChat
  3. Hello cat
  4. let's talk
  5. meet me
  6. hatchery
  7. private conversation
  8. Quick chat
  9. Companions
  10. Tik Tok
  11. Wave chat
  12. YohooTalk

Apps: Rafaquat, Privee Talk, MeetMe, Let's Chat, Quick Chat, and Chit Chat have been removed from the Google Play Store. However, the other six continue to spread.

So we should be on our toes when someone invites us to download one of these programs.

This is without forgetting that if we equip ourselves with a good antivirus program on mobile devices, we will significantly reduce our chances of being infected by any malicious application!

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