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These amazing photos of Earth seen from space are making netizens react

These amazing photos of Earth seen from space are making netizens react

Images of Earth from space remind us that our planet is as beautiful as it is fragile. As for space images, they arouse our curiosity and facilitate access to the work of astronomers.

New NASA publication that delights Internet users

A recent post shared on NASA's Instagram has caused widespread reaction from netizens. These images consist of five images, presenting five aerial views of Earth, all very different. Detailed in the post's caption, the netizen is informed that he is looking at a photo of the Himalayas separating China from India, an aerial view of the Bahamas, the lights of Boston, the capital of Arabia, and snow falling along the coast.Like meringue“.

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Suffice it to say that this circular display was appreciated by Internet users, who were quick to comment on the pictures and expressed their admiration for the beauty and quality of the pictures. “Our planet Earth looks amazing in these photos“,”Our homeland, our land“, or “We love you NASA“, More than a thousand people took the time to comment on the series of aerial views.

Space images, NASA's soft power

Although images of Earth taken from space arouse the reaction of netizens, they are also very popular with the general public. One of the most famous is the historic image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, which was revealed by NASA on July 12, 2022 and provides the deepest picture of the universe. This image in particular shows galaxies that formed shortly after the Big Bang, and it even sparked a reaction from Joe Biden, President of the United States, who described this image as “Historical feat“.

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Sharing these aerial views of Earth is not unusual for NASA. In fact, visual posts on social media reach and address the general public. It adapts perfectly to the aesthetic requirements of social networks, encouraging the exchange of posts. Among the pictures of astronauts, republished for quality and appreciation.

A way to introduce the general public to NASA's work, but also to make all space research accessible, with a very visual and aesthetic result.

source : NASA