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Creutzwald.  We celebrated science at the Varnet Interdenominational Media Library

Creutzwald. We celebrated science at the Varnet Interdenominational Media Library

In Creutzwald, the Science Festival culminated for the first time with a fantastic exhibition produced by students and their teachers from Creutzwald (La Hove Nursery School and Schweitzer Primary School), Varsberg (Jacques Prévière Primary School and La Varandole Nursery School) and Carling (Pierre-Ernst School Group).

Various workshops

Over the weeks, activities for children and adults followed, such as a visit to the Garang Water Tower, or a visit to the sewage treatment plant, led by Julian, the Creutzwald city agent, and Jan. -Louis, Varendt Municipal Community Agent.

Budding readers, ages 4-7, were able to create a giant watercolor mural as well as a mini canvas to take home, and they also made a very colorful album-style sock fish rainbow By Mr. Pfister.

As for the young people, aged between 8 and 11 years, they were able to participate in fun workshops organized by students of Felix Mayer Secondary School, and supervised by their teachers, M.I Bertil Wm. Cornelius. Sol & Co from Nancy also hosted another workshop. This allowed the children to discover different types of soil and the degree of water infiltration. A writing workshop entitled “Writing the Sea” was also held, which included very diverse writing games, some of which were inspired by the album. Yunus’s dream By Mr. van der Wiel. Adults were able to take advantage of a photography course at Lake Creutzwald with members of the Foyer Culturelle de Filstroff Photo Club, a conference on the role of water in the body and a cinema session with film discovery. Dark water Directed by T. Haynes.

All of these experiences have been extremely enriching for the media library’s various audiences.

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