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There is a greater chance of life on Jupiter than on Venus!

There is a greater chance of life on Jupiter than on Venus!

Scientists are searching all over the universe and even our solar system نظام traces of life. Especially when they suspect a possible liquid water leak. Or is it still flowing… In this regard, searching Queen’s University Belfast (Ireland) today draws our attention to the fact that what really matters is not just the amount of water present, but the actual concentration of water molecules available for biological use.

The impetus for this work was the announcement, last September, of the discovery of Phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. Remember that phosphine is a molecule associated with the activity of anaerobic bacteria on Earth. The discovery – which has since been questioned – suggested that a microscopic form of life could exist on the hottest planets in our solar system.

Life on Venus: can ordinary sulfur dioxide be confused with phosphine?

But, based on lab experiments and observations back by researchers in the probes Queen’s University Confirmed: The water level in Venus’ clouds is a hundred times lower than that which would be necessary to support life as we know it. Even the most extreme-condition-loving microbes living on Earth, the most drought-tolerant and acid-tolerant, would have no chance of surviving on Venus.

Water activity as basic data

The researchers worked on what they call water activity in clouds. Similar to hygrometer. So liquid water…

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