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The Zenbleed flaw appears to leak passwords and encryption keys, worried?

The Zenbleed flaw appears to leak passwords and encryption keys, worried?

Among the CPUs in question are Ryzen 3000 desktop chips, as well as mobile Ryzen 4000 and 5000 series, as well as APUs for the latest generation of “7020” laptops. as pointed out the edgeRyzen Pro 3000 and 4000 are also affected, in the same way as AMD EPYC “Rome” processors on servers/supercomputers.

In detail and according to information from Cloud FlairThis new flaw does not require physical access to the target computer to attack the system. In some cases it can actually be triggered remotely with Javascript through a simple web page. Once exploited, the flaw could allow an attacker to transfer data at 30 kilobits per CPU core per second.

The transfer speed is negligible, but it is more than enough to steal sensitive data from any program running on the system. A note that extends to virtual machines or even processes, among others. We also learn that the exploit used to take advantage of this flaw is flexible enough to drive user monitoring within a Cloud instance, for example.

Finally, the vulnerability is hard to detect as it is. ” I don’t know of any reliable exploit detection technique Travis Ormandy admitted. the edge He also notes that this flaw has points in common with Spectre, with its ease of exploitation… making it similar in that sense to Meltdown-type exploits.

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