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The woman who said no to amazon

The woman who said no to amazon

Would you turn down a $300,000 contract from a company just because its values ​​disgust you?

This is what the French humorist Blanche Jardin did recently.

She said no to 200 thousand euros for the French version of HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Produced and broadcast on Amazon Prime, due to the way Amazon treats its employees and encourages overconsumption.

But that’s not the only reason I love it. What you say about waking up is very relevant!

Reject a giant ad

In an interview with the French magazine the pointJardine recently explained why she turned down the show, which is a hit here with Patrick Howard, Laurent Paquin, and Christine Morency.

very funnyIt is a giant advertising page for Amazon to continue to grow and impose itself on everyone as an acceptable and even desirable way of life, and I have always refused advertising, even and above all when it is very well paid.

Amazon calls it a “grinding machine”.

“I confess I am deeply disgusted to see how a life that could have been justifiable during COVID, the health crisis, has become a habit for many. Getting your own food, gorging on pictures on your couch, only going out to work when you are not working remotely or to pick up a package from a Pakistani will not She exchanged one word with him…that this way of life was my appalling dread.

And the worst part is that Amazon is not even doing this because they believe in the value of this lifestyle, but to sell stuff! To make us consume more and more.”

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Gardner refused to participate “in a reality show of a highly polluting multinational, a tax optimization queen, a murderer, a killer of social life and small business, etc. And agreeing to do so means agreeing to be Amazon’s ‘cool’ guarantee.” We can no longer be idle. personal pronoun “.

We may or may not agree with Blanche Jardin, but one thing is for sure: With her, shoes follow lips.


In this great interview, Blanche Gardin also talks about wokism.

“Maybe, too, we should stop saying Awake. Speaking in French. Let’s talk about Awakened, well, just because it brings out the religious and sectarian side of the thing. Let’s talk about this mixture of radical, radical, exclusionary thought with a very childish side.”

“With waking up, we have the mentality of a 5-year-old who can’t stand the slightest disturbance, not the slightest conflict, where everything is done by an overlapping screen, with unhealthy impatience. It’s allegedly hypersensitivity, and I see it more as hypersensitivity.

Waking up without a sense of humor

Jardine adds one thing about waking up.

“If you’re an activist, you obviously don’t like humor, because you’re too attached to your topic. Humor is distance.”

These are not people who expect reflection, time, indirect fun and even fun, they want a sermon and instructions for use. Above all, no metaphor, and above all there is nothing else… They put on glasses and saw all reality through that prism.”

Doesn’t that make you think of some (awake) Quebecers with no sense of humor?