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The visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations against the backdrop of guerrilla warfare

The visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations against the backdrop of guerrilla warfare

António Guterres must meet with Haitian actors about the crisis gripping the country, our correspondent writes, Marie André Bellange. This is the second visit by the UN chief to Haiti. The arrival of the UN chief will bring nothing, according to many Haitians.

I wanted a local solution so much »

Trade unionist Dominique Saint Eloy expects nothing from this visit: ” We, at the National Center for Haitian Workers, consider Mr. Guterres’ visit to Haiti an insult. Because the United Nations and the core group are complicit in the insecurity in Haiti. He does not come to solve the situation. »

Many Haitians wonder if this trip was connected to the plan to send a foreign power into the country. This is the case of this young professional who wants to remain anonymous, even if she does not want military intervention: ” I very much hoped that Haiti’s political actors could find a local solution that would be part of a sustainable development strategy. »

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued an alert regarding the intensification of gang activity for the month of July in the Tabari region, where several kidnapping cases have been recorded in recent weeks.

Really better than Canada

Frantz Duval is the newspaper’s Haitian editor Le Novelist. For Louis, this visite c’est déjà mieux que ce que fait le Canada, qui tente de trouver des solutions pour aider le pays sans pour autant prendre la tête d’une force de la paix, like le lui demande Washington, dit-il to Anne Kantiner :” Canada talks a lot, makes a lot of statements about Haiti, but the Canadian Prime Minister has never been to Haiti. He never came. The Secretary-General of the United Nations is his second visit to Haiti. »

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There, he arrived fifteen days before the UN Integrated Office in Haiti’s mandate was due to be renewed and also while the UN and its agents searched for funds to help. So, there are a lot of orders that have been placed, but at the moment, the funds are not tracking orders. Frantz Duval says again.

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