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The UK was embarrassed after Amanda Holden slipped into Eurovision

The UK was embarrassed after Amanda Holden slipped into Eurovision

The UK has been described as an embarrassment after presenter Amanda Holden bragged that she could not tell the difference between saying hello in French and Dutch when she appeared in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He made a mistake when he was engaged in the task of presenting the decision of the England Arbitration Council on the final evening of the match in Rotterdam.

“Good evening. A judge of the British God Talent in London said to the audience and international participants,” This is a good evening in French and Dutch, but I do not know what it is. ”

In contrast, Manolis Jogenis, 10, from Greece, gave his country’s score fluently in English.

England finished last for the second time in a row in the tournament, with many spectators concluding that the decision reflected its unpopularity in many parts of the world.

Former Scottish Culture Minister Fiona Hislop wrote on Twitter: “It is funny to say that Neil’s dots for England and Amanda Holden do not know the difference between French and Dutch. # Is embarrassing. ”

A Twitter user posted: “Finally Amanda Holden said two words in two different languages, looked at them and smiled, and then said how surprised she was that she did not understand the languages ​​she spoke? Less respect. ”

The Italian team won the Maneskin match

UK Twitter user Catherine Baker expressed her ignorance of Holden: ‘Yes, she is a UK spokesperson who lives across Europe, making fun of the inability to distinguish between French and Dutch. ”

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Another observer commented on the different approaches between Holden and Jane.

Ryan Lado tweeted: “Eurovision 2021, Greek speaker, 10, understands different languages ​​better than Amanda Holden”

Linguist Dr. Claire Hardecker wrote on Twitter this morning: “Welcome, he had a language controversy last night.

Amanda Holden came to the UK and said, “Good Sawyer. Coetenavond. I do not know what it is but it is a good evening in French and Dutch.

“Since this is at the top of the trend list this morning, we can say that it got a somewhat negative response. Why?

People have pointed out that being ignorant (acting ?!) in the languages ​​spoken by your major neighbors will make you appear distant and ignorant.

Others have pointed out that the racism of our distant past, based on the colonial views of exceptionalism in the UK in relation to this ‘foreign group’, is reminiscent of ‘what those funny strangers did to me’. Understanding or learning more about.

“I have already pointed out that ideas of linguistic superiority are deeply rooted in racism, class, ability, etc., but in a continental competition to bring European countries together in celebration, this ignorance (nickname?) Is particularly bad.

Instead of sounding like a glamorous “I’m not stupid, I am a bit boring” anyway, large sections of the British crowd leaned back on the sofas in anticipation that they would be treated as the epitome of isolated situations. Led Britain to leave the EU. ”

After entering the tournament, the audience took to Twitter to highlight England’s unpopularity.

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James Newman did not get any points after his song Emperors Perfect.

This is the second time in a row that Great Britain has.
Italian pop star Rock Monskin and France finished second in last night’s match in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Other great shows came from Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Lithuania.

Journalist Leslie Ridock wrote on Twitter this morning: “Eurovision was harder than ever. The slender Italian villains were elegantly challenged. Iceland was happy and bright. The Franco-Swiss songs were fantastic. It is now clear that Brexit is Johnny. Not friends. . OK. ”

Journalist James Dolman tweeted: “England gets zero crowd points” and added: “I’m sorry for this poor man now.

Actor Dan Stevens, who played Russian contestant Alexander Limeto in the Eurovision song contest, had a quote from his character in the film.

Stevens tweeted: “Shoot it” and quotes Lemtoff’s words in the blockbuster movie: “This is great, but everyone hates England, so no points.”

Italy – 524
France – 499
Choice – 432
Iceland – 378
Ukraine – 364
Finland – 301
Malta – 255
Lithuania – 220
Russia – 204
Greece – 170
Bulgaria – 170
Portugal – 153
Moldova – 115
Sweden – 109
Serbia – 109
Cyprus – 94
Israel – 93
Norway – 75
Belgium – 74
Azerbaijan – 65
Albania – 57
San Marino – 50
Netherlands – 11
Spain – 6
Germany – 3
United Kingdom – 0