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A case of exotic messages has rocked Westminster, police are investigating

A case of exotic messages has rocked Westminster, police are investigating

Henry Nicholls / AFP

Every time, a certain “Abby” or a certain “Charlie” contacts the target on WhatsApp, claims to have already met her, confirms that they have been flirting, and in many cases, sends a candid photo.

British police announced on Thursday they were launching an investigation after an MP's complaint into a dozen people operating in spheres of power who are targeted by sexist messages, sometimes with revealing photos. As corruption mounts in Westminster, Conservative MP William Wrack admitted responsibility for leaking the phone numbers of targeted individuals to The Times on Thursday evening.

The 36-year-old MP explained to the daily that he complied with the demands of a gay dating application user who sent him intimate photos. “I was worried because he had things on me.”He said daily. “I hurt people by being weak”, “I'm scared”, “I'm sad”The MP, who had earlier announced that he would not contest the next election, is showing the Labor opposition as the big winner, according to opinion polls.

Among the victims registered by PoliticsRevealing the matter, three representatives – including a member of the government – two political journalists, an anchor, employees of political parties. Guardian He identified a 13th target, a former government adviser.

Same procedure

Each time, everything started the same way: a specific “Abby”Or a specific “Charlie” Contacting the target on WhatsApp, claiming to have met him at a political event, the interlocutor is angry that he doesn't remember it, though he assures them they flirted, and on several occasions, sent a revealing photo. According to timesTwo representatives sent a similar image back through the target.

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Politics, insists on his part that messages reflect knowledge of many individual details of intended targets. Contacted by AFP, Leicestershire Police confirmed they were investigating on Thursday 'Malicious communication after several unwanted messages were sent to an MP' From this part of central England “last month”. The facts were reported on March 19 and the police “Investigations continue”According to the police.

According to Politics, the MP in question responded briefly before realizing he did not know the caller and blocking the number. If some representatives raise the hypothesis of intrigue coming from a hostile position, experts contacted by the site are more inclined towards the work of criminals who want to get compromising elements.