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The UK is helping to remove the latest health restrictions

The UK is helping to remove the latest health restrictions

“Independence Day” postponed by Boris Johnson due to delta variation is dawn in two weeks.

It was postponed for a month due to a delta variation attack, but “Independence Day” will dawn in two weeks. This will be confirmed a week in advance, but by July 19, English will be done with almost all health restrictions. It will return to default, a new life, where we will “live with the virus”. The change in circumstances triggered by the vaccine campaign is finally taken into account.

Boris Johnson whistled the end of the “repression” section after a long period of procrastination under the double pressure of a section of the political class and the scientific community. Time “Legal restrictions” Done, the Prime Minister is calling now “Personal Responsibility” British. But when praising this “Restoring Freedom” – originally scheduled for June 21 – he insisted there was no epidemic “Slide to finish”, Calls the English “Does not loosen” And “To render judgment”.

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