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The time John Tortorella completely mocked Sergei Bobrovsky in Columbus

The time John Tortorella completely mocked Sergei Bobrovsky in Columbus

Holy mistakes.

These two words seem to come out of my mouth a lot when I talk about John Tortorella…and my rhetoric isn’t about to change. Especially after hearing this absolutely hilarious anecdote about former Blue Jackets coach and former Columbus goaltender, Sergei Bobrovsky.

The story, narrated by Ryan Dzingel, takes place after the trade deadline in 2019. At the time, Dzingel and Matt Duchene had just been traded to the Blue Jackets and when they arrived in the locker room, for the first time. …

They were a little surprised to see Tortorella yelling at his players. But where it gets funny… is when we hear Dzingel say that Torts threw a water bottle at Bobrovsky, who didn’t catch it…

Tortorella then told him he knew he wouldn’t catch the puck because the goaltender was having trouble stopping pucks on the ice at that particular point in the season.

Listen to this, it’s candy:

Maybe his way of doing things is a little strange…

But in this case his plan worked. John Tortorella is a passionate man and that’s what he brings to his players.

His mini-crisis in the locker room sent a clear message to the Blue Jackets… who (barely) qualified for the playoffs and then swept the powerful Tampa Bay Lightning in four short games.

We agree it’s unconventional… but if it works, it works.

That’s what matters at the end of the day.

I wonder how much talk there would be if events like this happened in Montreal. One thing is for sure, Martin St. Louis is not the one to start doing things like that. Eh, eh.

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From what we’ve heard, John Tortorella has a new, calmer approach…and I can’t wait to see if he sticks around given the Flyers should have (another) somewhat difficult offseason.

This is where we’ll see if he’s really changed his mindset.

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– This project has been forgotten for a long time. It’s flat, but good.

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– His experience in Europe helped him for the better.