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La température chute de 43º à 23,6º en l’espace de quelques minutes: voici ce qui explique le phénomène

The temperature drops from 43°C to 23.6°C within a few minutes: this explains the phenomenon

Western Europe was suffocated on Friday and Saturday by a heat wave rarely seen. On Saturday, a temperature of 42.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in Biarritz, France, further evidence (if needed) of the worrying consequences of global warming. At 5 p.m., observers saw a drop of about 20 degrees, from 43 degrees to 23.6 degrees.

because of ? A wind coming from the west and known in the Basque country, the gallerin, also called the embata or prolarta by sailors. “
It is a characteristic phenomenon for the southeast of the Bay of Biscay, which occurs in the coastal regions of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Basque Country. This leads to a sudden drop in temperature and a rapid rise in relative humidity.

‘, explains Meteo France. The temperature can then drop by 12 to 15 degrees.

This Sunday, Europe is breathing again after its heat wave. In France, the red vigil has been lifted and thunderstorms are now expected, causing temperatures to drop across the country.

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