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Colombia recalls its ambassador to Argentina after Miley's statements regarding his counterpart Petro

Colombia recalls its ambassador to Argentina after Miley's statements regarding his counterpart Petro

It is new evidence of the new Argentine president's candor, but this time it has diplomatic consequences. Javier Miley described his Colombian counterpart in a television interview on January 25 as “ The murderous communist “, accusing him of” Sinking Colombia In response, Bogotá recalled its ambassador to Argentina for consultations.

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Historically, relations between Colombia and Argentina have been stable, even when the two countries were governed by parties with different political positions. According to the Colombian presidency, the two countries maintained “deep relations of friendship, understanding and cooperation.” But since Javier Miley came to power in Argentina just a month and a half ago, relations have deteriorated rapidly.

Javier Miley had set the tone for the relations he intended to establish with a certain number of countries in the Indian subcontinent during his election campaign, declaring that the Socialists “ Human feces The comments particularly targeted the Colombian head of state, Colombia's first left-wing president. Gustavo Petro responded by comparing his statements to those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and later described Miley's victory as ” A sad moment for Latin America “.

This new confrontation by Javier Maile against Gustavo Pietro this time led to a reaction that went beyond the framework of a verbal duel. ” We can think differently, but the region and the historical brotherhood of our peoples must be above differences », wrote the Colombian ambassador to Argentina, who was summoned for consultations in Bogotá. Pointing out in passing that Javier Miley has already attacked Brazilian President Lula and Pope Francis.

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