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The saga of red dust and pollutants in Quebec’s air: Class action appeal dismissed

The saga of red dust and pollutants in Quebec’s air: Class action appeal dismissed

The Quebec Court of Appeal has delivered its ruling: it upholds the decision in the first instance and refuses to recognize the legality of the class action in the case of red dust and air pollutants in the central provinces of Quebec.

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In a decision published Monday, the legal body announced that it had ruled against the Port of Quebec Citizens Vigilance Initiative, which is seeking compensation from the Quebec Port Authority and the Quebec Stevedoring Company.

The citizens’ group called on the two organizations to pay compensation of $1,000 annually to each affected citizen for the period from 2010 to the present day.

Missing link

Justices Guy Gagnon, Frédéric Pachand, and Michel Popper upheld their colleague Jacques J. Bouchard’s original decision in March 2020 to decline to file a class action.

“The judge’s conclusion that the appellants failed to establish a sufficient causal link between the defendants’ blame and the alleged damages,” reads the conclusions reached in the Court of Appeal.

The three peace chiefs raised another issue. According to them, the expert evidence presented by the plaintiffs had been properly heard by Judge Bouchard, contrary to what the appellants and their attorneys had claimed.

Moreover, they are supported by the expert evidence provided by the defendants [le juge Jacques G. Bouchard] He chose to believe. This conclusion alone is sufficient to seal the fate of this appeal,” it is written.

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The group, led by appellants Véronique Lalande and Louis Duchesne, was heard in September 2022, when it asked for the initial decision to be reversed. They tried to prove that the trial judge erred in analyzing the evidence, but to no avail.

call him Newspaper On Monday evening, Ms. Lalande did not want to make personal comments. She contends that lawyers and members of the citizens’ group want to know the ruling before responding formally.