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Here’s what we know about Marilou’s upcoming album

Here’s what we know about Marilou’s upcoming album

Marilou is gradually re-establishing herself on the Quebec music scene and next September will release a new album of original songs, penned and penned by her.

The singer is now fully embracing her singer-songwriter hat, which wasn’t always the case.

“It’s hard for me to bear because I have so many hats and sometimes I wonder if I’m good at something or if I’m just a little good at everything. I’m often looking out for myself,” she confided to Mélanie Maynard, Monday night, on the show. Sweety salty.

The businessman, musician and host, on this occasion, made an appointment with the show team at the offices Three times a day.

“When I started releasing my music, I started assuming it. I’m an entrepreneur, I have Three times a day , But I write my tunes, I record them and I share them,” she said, adding that imposter syndrome comes to visit her every now and then.

“I’m learning to handle it,” the businesswoman continued.

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“At some point, I assume that I am an artist, an instrument, and that whatever I do, I create; whether it’s recipes or music or interviews. Then, little by little, I learn to assume myself,” she tells Melanie Maynard.

The singer also earned a Gemini nomination for hostingIn other wordsto see in the Vé section of the Extra.

Personal album on the horizon

Marilou, who popped at age 11, admitted that she’s had many personal storms in the past seven years with the birth of her daughters and the breakup, but now she’s “in a good place.”

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“I have settled many cases, and my treatment is progressing. It’s as if I’m reaping the fruits,” she said with a luminous look and a smile on her lips.

Her next album should also be infused with these personal snippets, or even be completely naked, the singer-songwriter shared.

Here's what we know about Marilou's upcoming album

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his song your letter She deals particularly with toxic relationships, ones she admits she has maintained, but managed to shake off. “The more you heal yourself, the more you see it in yourself. In the past few years, I’ve seen a lot of what was toxic inside of me. We’re putting that into our relationships. But the more you heal yourself, the easier it is to acknowledge that,” Marilou argued.

Marilou’s new album will hit shelves on September 22nd.