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The report once again highlights spying on iPhone notifications

The report once again highlights spying on iPhone notifications

At the beginning of December 2023, we learned that unidentified governments were forcing Apple, under the cover of US law, to deliver the content of Push notifications from iPhone users to them.

Senator Ron Wyden also sent a letter to the US Department of Justice on this subject, in which he expressed the urgent need to repeal laws that prevent the transparency of this type of requests. The topic of spying on notifications from Apple smartphones is back on the table today, but with different heroes this time.

Spy on iPhone security notifications


Meta, Microsoft and LinkedIn in the viewfinder

This was in a video clip he posted on his channel Youtube, cybersecurity researcher Tommy Miske explains how some web giants are intentionally violating the rules imposed by Apple in order to better target their ads. This time it's not about democratic governments, but about the companies that love them Tik Tok, FB, TwitterOr Bing or even LinkedIn. Tommy Miske explains in his video how they hijack notifications in order to collect user data.

#Privacy: Facebook, TikTok, and other apps use push notifications to send data to your iPhone

The hypocrisy of secrecy

Recently, several troubling elements have reinforced public distrust of large platforms. Among them, in particular, is the investigation conducted by Joseph Cox 404 mediaWhich highlighted the offers of some advertising agencies. The latter boasted of its ability to spy on people through the microphone of their smartphones, so that it could listen to their conversations. This is for their purpose Displaying advertisements related to products or services mentioned orally during their daily conversations.

Despite constant promises from web giants regarding privacy, the lure of profit seems too strong Until they decide to completely stop secretly collecting as much data as possible. Apple, as a reminder, remains the only company that has not fallen into this trap. This can be easily explained by the fact that her income does not come from advertising, so our data is not as interesting for her as for other GAFAMs. However, it is good to note that it is Google that is putting the most effort into this area, even though it has many shortcomings.

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