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The president will order the young players to stay there

The president will order the young players to stay there

Positions like Matvey Myshkov's will continue to be talked about.

Because it is clear that the young Russian player is one of the best prospects in the NHL, but unfortunately he has to stay in his country. It's unfortunate that he can't come and contribute in North America, in the best league in the world, but that's how it is…

The KHL, the second best league in the world, wants talented players. However, the decision should be up to the player.

But as mentioned by Shumi Babayev, the Russian agent TV matchThe president would order the young players to stay in the country.

Dictatorship at its finest…

We know that Mechkov is under contract and as long as he is being paid by a KHL team, he should stay in his country.

But then again, maybe he was just following the president's regulations.

Remember, Canadian hope, Bogdan Konyushkov, is having a big season with Torpedo. In 43 games, he has 21 points. This is far from a disaster for the defender. The 21-year-old Russian has a Premier League contract until 2026. At the end of this agreement, he will be 23-24 years old and we assume that at this age, he will not need to submit to presidential orders.

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Striker Damir Zavyarov and defender Nikita Yevseyev are victims of discrimination by their coach Zenitula Bilyaletdinov, and are certainly more affected by this movement ban.

As we learned in Text aboveBabayev allegedly attempted to terminate his clients' contracts through legal action. The first priority for him and his clients is to stay in Russia, but if they have no choice, they will consider moving. But again, they are prevented by procedures…

Now, will someone like Ivan Demidov have his draft classification affected by these actions? He follows.

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– In any case.

– This is madness.

-Big year in the NBA.