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The presence of Trump's female dog

The presence of Trump's female dog

The three-step waltz is danced in the American capital these days. The first is about when Nikki Haley will withdraw from the race for the Republican nomination. The second axis revolves around Donald Trump’s real chances of winning the presidential elections. The third part is much less danceable, and is the nightmare that his return to the White House inspires.

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I received a question from a viewer last week, a tremendous and very direct question: “They say that Donald Trump would be a danger to democracy in the United States. I cannot imagine an example of a decision that would undermine rights and freedoms?”

We will not know the truth until he regains the presidency, and judging by the polls, his chances are good. I saw him work closely during his four years in Washington. It is often said that he and his entourage were as surprised as we were, late on the night of November 8-9, 2016, when his victory over Hillary Clinton was confirmed.

Naive and ignorant

His presidency since then has been characterized by a lot of improvisation and decisions made according to the mood of the moment. The political failures that he accumulated at that time, he will avoid this time, because he will present himself at the gates of “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” much better prepared.

It's about seeing the current, disciplined, well-equipped campaign he's leading for the Republican nomination. He knows the system best, has surrounded himself with an effective team, and even the outrageous comments he can't help but make against his opponents don't derail the train heading towards his consecration.

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Avenger and villains

His large mouth has the benefit of keeping us informed of his intentions. He constantly repeats it to his supporters: “I will be your retaliation.” “I will be your revenge.” This time he will no doubt be fooled by ignorance or his own legendary laziness: he is already ensuring that the Justice Department is used to retaliate against its critics and those who called for accountability in the wake of his first term.

At the same time, he will ensure that the Attorney General puts an end to the criminal and civil proceedings against him, and if he is convicted before the presidential election, he will take the unprecedented step of pardoning himself. No one doubts that.

Authoritarian drift

We know of his desire to expand the powers of the presidency through his stated dream of becoming a “dictator for a day” and his request for complete immunity for the president, even if called upon, as one of his lawyers admitted in court. Special commando to assassinate a political rival.

Finally, during his (first) term, Trump, prone to flattery and headlines, surrounded himself with a certain number of capable people, the famous “big boys in the room,” who it was hoped would be able to contain his worst mistakes.

Forget these people! A second term for Donald Trump, if it comes to that, will consist of obedient or, worse yet, zealous representatives who will answer “Yes, sir!” When he orders the army to crush the protest movements sparked by his authoritarian excesses.

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Here, and in many other dark places surrounding the former president, there are threats to the rights and freedoms of Americans.

The “adults in the room” during Donald Trump's first term and what they think today

France Press agency

“He doesn't have the discipline, the ability to think strategically and linearly, the ability to prioritize, the ability to know how to get things done in the system.” – William Barr, former Attorney General, May 5, 2023


France Press agency

“Trump has no idea what America stands for. He admires murderous tyrants and dictators and has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution and the rule of law.” — John Kelly, former Chief of Staff, October 2, 2023


France Press agency

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — he doesn’t even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us.” – James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense, June 3, 2020


France Press agency

“His understanding of world events, world history, and American history was really limited. “It's really hard to have a conversation with someone who doesn't even understand why we're talking about this.” – Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, January 11, 2021