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'The Office' actor changes his name due to climate change

‘The Office’ actor changes his name due to climate change

The beloved actor of the American television series “The Office” Ryan Wilson has announced that he is changing his name to raise awareness of global warming.

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Who plays Dwight’s character, posted a video on his social media explaining his decision.

He assured his subscribers that he would no longer respond to the name Rainn Percival Dietrich Wilson, but to the name Rainnfall Heat Wave Rising Sea Levels.

“As a small act of publicity to save the planet, I decided to change my name on Twitter, Instagram and even on my little piece of paper,” he explained.

There is no evidence that the popular actor actually legally changed his name. While his new name appears in the descriptions of his various platforms, his official users remain @RainnWilson.

Wilson said his name change was affected by the COP27 conference, which is taking place in Egypt this week.

For his new nickname, the actor used the site Arctic Danger Name Generator. The site encourages users to become “Arctic name changers”.