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Three things you should do when a dog attacks you

Three things you should do when a dog attacks you

The dog owner may lose control of his animal. But what do you do when a dog attacks you?

Dog behavior expert and Society of Pet Behavior Consultants committee member, Jane Williams, offered some advice during an interview with The Mirror.

1. Obstruction

During an attack, it is important to quickly identify locations to find a way out.

“If you can put yourself in a corner, you can avoid being attacked from multiple sides,” she said. Objects can also act as a barrier between you and the dog to create some obstacles.

This can be a wall or object large enough to create separation between the victim and the animal.

2. Distraction

When it’s impossible to outwit a monster, distracting it may be your best option.

“Food, whatever it is, can be the best distraction for your dog if he is having an attack,” Jane Williams said.

She explained that it is necessary to throw food a sufficient distance to be able to escape.

3. Make some noise

Loud enough noise can distract the animal.

“You need that kind of distraction to happen at a distance,” the specialist said. So, if you’re in your car like those people at the gas station, you should honk your horn to see if that stops the attack. You should definitely do this before you go out and try to intervene yourself.

She stated that it is important to contact the police before intervening.

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