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The NHL trade deadline impacts the ECHL

The NHL trade deadline impacts the ECHL

Hello everyone, It's already been two weeks and it's time for my article.

Good question this week and a bit personal, regarding my daily life as a professional coach and I love that. First of all, I hope I was able to give you a good overview.

Here are the questions.

I was the first to write an article about this after a question I received. I said loud and clear that we have to keep him in Laval and I keep saying the same thing.

If a talented player and forward doesn't play offensively at the NHL level, that's not good.

How often do we see around the league, talented players get a chance with the big club and only play five minutes, and on the fourth line they are good up front?

This does not help the player at all and his hearing is often poor and the future is already set in many cases.

For my part, returning the player to the American League is in no way a denial, especially at his age. He has a lot to learn and Laval needs him much more than Montreal does. We must not forget that it always requires adaptation when players change leagues.

You don't want Roy to get to the playoffs and you need a few games to get back to the next level. Everything will help his development and he will leave a strong business card, which is great for him.

She wrote me 67 points per hour and since then we have played three games. Our section is the toughest and it's so close it's amazing to look at the standings.

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What else happens to us, we're currently in Iowa to play three games, but after that, for the rest of the season (11 games), we'll only be facing teams in our division, so the teams we're in direct contact with will battle for a playoff spot.

In the ECHL, the series works this way. The top four in each division compete against each other. The winners of each division then compete in the Conference Finals and then the Grand Finals.

For us, the last 11 games will all be four points. No one has the right to make mistakes.

For us, the deadline is an important issue, but it's also an NHL issue. I will return to this in another question later. For us, it's mostly about seeing what Pittsburgh and Wilkes will do with their moves.

We'll see if Wilkes' players go down, or if our players go up. Because it changes everything if you know for example that you are going to lose a top striker or a top defender or you see your team's goalkeeper. This way, we can make arrangements based on all this.

The great thing about the ECHL is that once the trade deadline passes, we still have the right to sign free agents.

Currently, it is the USports and NCAA level that is ending. So we're working hard on video analysis to find the next Justin Lee, Justin Adamo, or Tanner Laderotte.

I don't hate the idea, but I think it would be difficult to know who the third or fourth line player really is. It changes a lot and depends on the teams.

In the UEFA Europa League, they are only one team and the host city is the opponent. This year it was in Savannah.

The problem of playing against 3 playersH And 4H The three is that these players are not going to play the same way they did in the season because they don't want to get injured, there is no checking and no one is going to block shots. So, as much as I don't hate the idea, the show is going to be boring.

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Unfortunately, I think they should just keep the skills competitive and let the game continue in my opinion.

I love the kid and he is exactly what the Rangers were missing.

When I looked at his four-game ban, I was surprised he played that many games. Not in the sense that he doesn't deserve a ban, but in the sense that sometimes players who should play 20 games don't get anything at all. So I wasn't expecting much.

The other thing is also that yes, in slow motion, the pushing is 100 times worse. On the other hand, if players learned how to receive the check and protect themselves, we would be talking about a shoulder-to-shoulder check and not an elbow.

Since he threw the disc and then turned around, it led to this unfortunate incident, which absolutely deserves to be stopped.

To me, Remby just needs to understand the line and not cross it. He is young and wants to prove to everyone that he exists. But he has to find a way to be effective for 60 minutes and give his team a chance to win and not lose. But I like it so far.

We'll see what happens next.

This was the first time I looked at not only TV, but my phone, social media, etc. We were in Fort Wayne because we traveled the day before, and last Friday I was on my phone for a little over 12 hours during the day.

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You have to understand that as an ECHL team, we depend not only on the AHL, but also on the NHL.

So, for example, if a Pittsburgh player is injured, that has direct ramifications for us, because they're bringing a player from the farm club to Wilkes. And Wilkes will take a player from us.

But for us, we're not just dependent on Pittsburgh, it's the same story, for example, if one of Wilkes' players gets hurt, they'll come and take it from us. So we rely on two teams, which can make things difficult sometimes.

So every move with Pittsburgh or Wilkes has direct repercussions for us.

For example, when the Penguins traded for Guenztel, they selected a forward who was going to play directly in the NHL (Bunting) as well as a player in the AHL.

This means at least one player would have dropped for us which helps us.

Then, when they traded Ty Smith, we were disappointed because we knew we were going to lose one of our good defenders. On the other hand, since Carolina doesn't have a team in the AHL, he remains in Wilkes under contract with Carolina and we won't lose anyone at the moment.

Same thing when Wilkes substituted his goalie. We told ourselves we would lose what we had. But in the end, he went looking for another one. So you see what we have to work with at the deadline.

So the impact is huge, and as we mentioned above, the AHL also signs players coming out of USports or the NCAA, so it can have a domino effect that can help us in the short term as well.


– Thank you very much for your questions and we will see you in two weeks. @mitch_giguere.