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The National Center for Scientific Research reveals the 2024 silver medal winners

The National Center for Scientific Research reveals the 2024 silver medal winners

The silver medal distinguishes researchers for the originality, quality and importance of their work, which is recognized nationally and internationally.

CNRS 2024 silver medalists:

  • Pasto Renata, Lab Cell biology and cancer – Cellular biology
  • Pirolli Giulio, ENS Physics Laboratory – Physics of complex systems
  • Bolognazzi Sara, Institute for Research on Fundamental Laws of the Universe – Particle physics
  • Bodia Soraya, Center for Research in Medicine, Science, Health, Mental Health and Society – History of science and sociology
  • cascalis eric, Molecular Systems Engineering Laboratory – microbiology
  • Anne Charmantier, Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology & Ecology
  • Cohen Polakia Sarah, Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Digital Science & Data science, bioinformatics, cloning
  • dillon jolly, Applied Mathematics in Paris 5 – mathematics
  • diamante illini, Lips6 – Quantum digital communications Quantum digital communications
  • Fleurbaie Marc, PSE – Paris School of Economics – Economy
  • Gazio Florence, Complex Systems and Problems Laboratory & Applications of magnetic nanoparticles for imaging and therapy
  • Giusepone Nicola, Charles Sadron Institute & chemistry
  • Halperin Jean Louis, Center for Law Theory and Analysis – Legal sciences
  • Hirscher Estelle, Mediterranean Prehistoric Laboratory, Europe, Africa – Anthropology and Bioarchaeology
  • Horio-Sabater Christel, Coordination Chemistry Laboratory & chemistry
  • Landis Israel Amaili, Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory – Climatologist: A specialist in reconstructing past climates from glacial archives
  • Lemaitre Aristide, Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – Materials physics and engineering
  • Lhuillier François, Lyon Institute for Functional Genomics & Microorganisms
  • Beirut Karen, Grenoble Institute of Planetary Science and Astrophysics – Astronomy, development of the large telescope
  • Pimentel Cachapoz Rocha Eduardo, Lab Genomics Genetics & Genomics
  • Prior Christophe, Grenoble Pictures of automatic speech signal – Automated applied mathematics
  • Rodriguez Rafael, Laboratory of Chemistry and Cell Biology & Chemistry: Chemical Biology – Cell Biology
  • Spector Selene, laboratory Democratic standards of science – philosophy
  • Stanziani Alessandro, Historical Research Center – date
  • And Alczak Alexandra, ENS Physics Laboratory – Biophysics
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