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A possible exoplanet discovered outside the Milky Way

A possible exoplanet discovered outside the Milky Way

Exoplanets, those planets that orbit stars outside our solar system, are numerous in our Milky Way. The number of scientists is about 5000 .. An entirely new exoplanet, the size of Saturn, may have just been discovered by NASA researchers, and unlike the other 5,000, This is in another galaxy. the first.

Located in 28 million light years from Milky Way, in the heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy, also called Messier 51 or simply M51. It was detected using NASA’s Chandra X-ray telescope, according to information from BBC. Scientists used a very specific method to locate this possible exoplanet, they searched for it decrease in light in x-rays received by the telescope.

“The method we have developed and used is the only currently applicable method for discovering planetary systems in other galaxies,” Dr. Di Stefano of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, USA, told British media. “It isunique method, is particularly suitable for finding planets around X-ray binaries at any distance from which we can measure the light curve.”

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