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The municipality wants to green public spaces

During the last municipal council, chaired by the mayor, Christian Petit, the elected officials acted on various points. Especially on the budget, but also on the revegetation of the public spaces and the work that will be carried out on the town hall building.

Republican Lorraine
Today at 6:55 pm

During the last municipal council, the management account and the administrative account were approved by the council. Then the elected officials opened the budget appropriations in the 2023 investment section of the original municipal budget, in advance, under the general law of local authorities. This is 33,440 euros out of a total of 133,762 euros.

Environmental Transformation: Grant Application

The mayor informed the association of a desire to engage the municipality in an environmental transition approach aimed at improving the living environment. The aim is to develop projects aimed at removing soil infiltration and greening public spaces, in particular the school group courtyard and the new cycle path, route de Colligny. The municipality has also planned to equip itself with mechanical rakes and a windmill.

The estimated cost for these projects is 8,800 euros excluding taxes. The municipal council approved the funding plan and applied for a grant under the departmental “small projects” programme.

Housing tax on vacant housing

The Council unanimously decided to subject the vacant residence to the housing tax in application of the general tax law.