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The MRC demands immediate solutions in Mont-Sainte-Anne

The MRC demands immediate solutions in Mont-Sainte-Anne

Without taking a position for or against the current owner RCR, the MRC of La Côte-de-Beaupré demands immediate solutions from the government regarding the future of Mont-Sainte-Anne.

The Migrant Resource Center reiterates that it wants to support Al Jabal in implementing its investment plan, “essential to the vitality of the region.”

Unanimously, the mayor and mayors of Côte de Beaupre want to modernize Mont-Sainte-Anne’s facilities.

Special case

“We want to tell the government not to forget that we are here. We realize that there are many ski resorts in Quebec, but there is a special situation here,” says Pierre Lefrançois, prefect of the MRC in La Côte-de-Beaupre and mayor of Lange-Jardien.

However, Mr. LeFrançois did not want to determine the optimal solution for Mont-Sainte-Anne. “This is not our role. We have to work with the players on the field. We will let them work, but we want to come back. We want it to go forward and succeed,” he added.

As governor, Mr. LeFrançois believes the $550 million investment plan put forward by RCR should be quickly considered by the Quebec government.

In unison, the MRC board members are asking Sépaq to participate in all discussions regarding the future of the resort, both for the ski resort and for the land surrounding it.

After a month-long closure last season due to a fallen gondola, no significant changes have been made to the mountain at the dawn of 2024 on Mont Sainte Anne.

According to Yvon Charest, president of the Society of Friends of Mont-Sainte-Anne, Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon is trying to find a solution that “does not include support for the RCR.”

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Quebec received the plan

While season ticket sales are in full swing for the 2023-2024 winter, owner RCR claims to have delivered on its $550 million investment plan announced last April.

This plan is still conditional on the participation of the Quebec government. Over the past 20 years, RCR has already announced three investment plans.

In the Minister’s office, we confirmed that we had received the RCR investment plan for the Mont-Sainte-Anne area, but it was impossible to get explanations.

We will not comment on the stages of our discussions. We will keep you updated in due course,” we received via email.

What did they say

“The development of our municipality is at a standstill due to the current situation. It is time for the government to turn to us so that together we can find immediate and lasting solutions.”

– Pierre Renaud, Mayor of Beaupre

“Mont Sainte Anne has long been a source of pride for our community and a must-see attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and tourists. The Quebec government must support our destination in the same way it has done in other regions of Quebec.

– Melanie Royer Couture, Mayor of Saint-Ferriol-les-Neiges

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