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The most memorable scene of the author of “The Emperor” will be broadcast next week

The most memorable scene of the author of “The Emperor” will be broadcast next week

Last week, in The Emperor, viewers were thrilled to finally see Christian Savard (Jean-Philippe Perras) begin to pay for his crimes. More details here.

In the next sixth episode, he will be released from prison and find to his great horror that all his allies are abandoning him one by one. But he will not allow himself to be defeated and will continue to defend his innocence even if the facts are against him.

See photos of the episode at the bottom of the article.

We will also attend the preliminary investigation. ” This is used to determine whether the prosecutor has sufficient information to begin a trial. ,” author Michelle Allen recently told us in an interview.

This episode also contains one of the screenwriter's favorite scenes. ” During the preliminary investigation, there are demonstrations conducted to determine how fragile or weak the evidence is », tell us first.

I needed to know what my defense attorney, Ms. Bilodeau, could use. Thinking about the context, and the data I had brought, I found a way to invalidate Rosie's testimony and it shocked me because I thought to myself: what if I, who is not a lawyer, had just done that, imagine what someone whose job it is is doing and who saw others could do! »

It's a matter of logic. What is the flaw in what you say that would allow reasonable doubt? “, she asked herself.

The fact that I found something — it wasn't my advisors who told me about it, it was me who found it — was really a shock to me.

It's terrible ,” she says of the legal system. My goal this year is to prove how much justice is part of this. There are the bad guys, the abusers, but there is also a difficult system. »

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This popular sixth episode will air on Wednesday, February 14 (Happy Valentine's Day everyone… 😟), and then the final episode of the season will air on February 28. Will there be a third season? The answer is here.