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The judge in Trump’s 2020 federal impeachment trial refuses to recuse herself

The judge in Trump’s 2020 federal impeachment trial refuses to recuse herself

Judge Tanya Chutkan, who will preside over proceedings in the federal trial of Donald Trump for his attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 US presidential election, on Wednesday denied his request to recuse herself, asserting her impartiality.

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On September 11, the former president’s lawyers asked him to step down, citing comments made by the judge during the sentencing hearings for those involved in the attack on the Capitol building, the seat of Congress, on January 6, 2021.

On that day, hundreds of ardent supporters of Donald Trump violated this sanctuary of American democracy in an attempt to prevent the certification of his opponent Joe Biden’s victory.

France Press agency

They confirmed that “Judge Chutkan, with regard to other cases, proposed that President Trump be tried and imprisoned.”

But the judge says her observations during those hearings, particularly that those involved in the attack on the Capitol acted “out of blind loyalty to someone who, by the way, is still free today,” were conclusions that were reached and responded to. The defendants’ arguments for seeking pardon from the court.

It adds that none of its statements in this context reflect “deep favoritism or hostility that would make a fair judgment impossible,” which is the condition set by the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence to trigger an appeal, which must remain an exceptional decision. Emphasizes.

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Donald Trump had previously accused Judge Chutkan of “hating” him when she scheduled the start of the trial on March 4, which sparked great dissatisfaction with the lawyers of the preferred candidate in the Republican Party primary elections, who demanded that it be held in April 2026, that is, in April. 2026. After the presidential elections in November 2024.

Even before he appeared on August 3 to plead not guilty, he maintained that his only fault was “competeing in a rigged election” and denounced the “unfair judge,” in an apparent reference to Ms. Chutkan.

In the campaign to reclaim the White House, Donald Trump attributes his legal troubles to the Democratic administration of President Biden, which he may find coming his way in 2024 to avenge the 2020 election.